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Kato Unitrack-The foundation of T-TRAK

  Kato Unitrack is the key to making T-TRAK work with the ease that is the hallmark of the T-TRAK concept. The Unitrack, at each end of a T-TRAK  module, is the only physical connection between the modules, and fastens and holds the modules together, negating the requirement of clamps seen in other modular model railroading concepts. This allows T-TRAK modules to be set up, easily and quickly,  on any flat surface, i.e. tables.

  Although Kato Unitrack is only required to be used at each end of a T-TRAK module (For connection purposes), most T-TRAKers tend to use Unitrack throughout their modules. Exceptions to this may be dictated by special track arrangements desired by the builder.

  Indeed, it was the engineering marvel, that is Unitrack, particularly the unique patented Unijoiner, that allowed the tabletop mini-module concept to take root in Japan. That concept, after being introduced to the United States, and the rest of the world, by Lee and Jim Fitzgerald (NTRAK), evolved into the T-TRAK we know today.

From the Kato website:

"When it was first introduced to the Japanese model train market in 1957, Kato UNITRACK was revolutionary because it provided the convenience of a snap track with none of the drawbacks-the patented Unijoiner clips hold rails tightly together but are easily disconnected, allowing modelers to reliably assemble and disassemble their track sections over and over and over again, without worrying about loosening joints, breaking clips, or lessening the electrical connectivity between track segments!...

... UNITRACK can be used in nearly any layout situation - large or small, permanent or temporary. UNITRACK can be the answer for the beginner looking for a trouble-free introduction into model railroading without the frustration and disappointment of rail and electrical problems. UNITRACK also meets the needs of advanced hobbyists, providing superior quality to an entire layout or the flexible solution to the ever-changing "staging yard." 

Kato USA

 Kato, and KATO U.S.A. is a manufacturer of model railroad products, including trains and track, in N and HO scale.

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KATO highlights T-TRAK at Train Shows.

Beginning in 2017, at the NMRA National Train Show in Orlando, FL, KATO USA has encouraged local T-TRAK groups to display a small T-TRAK layout at the various shows they attend throughout the year.

  T-TRAK layouts have appeared at their booth at the NMRA National Train Shows, Trainfest, The Winterfest at Amherst, the NSE Convention, and the various World's Greatest Hobby Shows!

KATO T-TRAK Module Kit

KATO introduces their own T-TRAK Module Kit!

Kato and Woodland® have teamed up with a brand new project to make it easier than ever for modelers to get into scenery and layout building, thanks to T-TRAK(TM) and UNITRAK! 


Coming this month, Kato USA will be distributing special T-TRAK module kits, made by Woodland using their SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System®! Each SubTerrain T-TRAK kit is made from lightweight, sculpt-able foam with wooden reinforcements that make them easy to assemble, transport, and shape into your desired form! Included in each set are a variety of sculpting aides, like a Woodland Shaper Sheet® and sculpting plaster, as well as all the tools you need to assemble the completed module kit – even glue, and of course, Kato UNITRAK! 


Modules are available in “Straight” and “Corner” variations, and are designed to T-TRAK standards to allow multiple modules to “snap” together using the power of Kato’s Uni-Joiners. Thanks to the standardized dimensions, these kits can be connected to any existing of future T-TRAK modules, whether they’re built using these kits or not! 

Read more about T-TRAK modular Standards at 


SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System® T-TRAK(TM) Straight Kit     Includes Kato UNITRAK $49 4949727671949 


SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System® T-TRAK(TM) Corner Kit     Includes Kato UNITRAK $49 4949727671956 

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