The 2019 National T-TRAK Layout

July 12 through July 14- Salt Lake City, Utah

  The National Train Show® was established in 1988 by the National Model Railroad Association as a nationally sponsored combined industry trade show and public train show to promote the hobby of model railroading. The 2019 National Train Show is held in conjunction with the national convention of the NMRA in Salt Lake City, UT. It will be held in the Mountain America Exposition Center (formerly known as Southtowne Expo Center) in Sandy, UT. 

  This year,  The National T-TRAK Layout will occupy a 40'x40' space, and will be anchored by the Color Country T-TRAK Club, of Hurricane, UT, which will act as the host club.

  We are currently accepting requests for participation in the 2019 National T-TRAK Layout. All Participants must return a completed Participation Form by April 30, 2019. Please be aware that the layout may fill up rapidly (The 2018 Layout filled up a full 5 months before the show!), so, if you intend to be a part of the 2019 National T-TRAK Layout, return your completed Participation Form ASAP!

  Participation Forms, in Word Format, can be requested by emailing Fay Chin, or Bruce Arbo, at this email address- 

2019 NMRA Convention

  National T-TRAK Layout participants do not have to be members of the NMRA, nor do they have to register for the convention, in order to participate in the layout at the National Train Show. However, registering for the NMRA Convention offers offers tons of Model Railroad-related clinics and tours, as well Railroad Prototype activities, as well as entry to the various contests and awards banquet.

  Visit the NMRA Convention page by clicking the red button below.

NMRA 2019 convention