ST. LOUIS 2020 "2000-2020 20 YEARS of T-TRAK!"

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of T-TRAK!

  The National T-TRAK Layout , at the 2020 NMRA National Train Show (NTS), at the  America's Center  in St. Louis, is already shaping up to be a HUGE event!  

2020 will mark the 20th Anniversary of T-TRAK, and plans are already underway to make this Layout a memorable one. We are, indeed, planning to break the record we set in Kansas City in 2018, both in area, module count, scale mileage, and participants. 

Although we haven't, officially, declared a call for modules/participants, we are  gauging  interest, now, so we can secure sufficient space at the National Train Show (NTS).

If you are interested in participating in this historic event, please contact us at


                                       The official contact for The National T-TRAK Layout!

                                          Stay tuned to this page for updates as they occur.

Gateway 2020 The 2020 NMRA National Convention will be held July 12-18 in St. Louis, Missouri

In 2020, The National T-TRAK Layout will be displayed at the NMRA National Train Show (NTS), held in conjunction with the annual NMRA National  Convention. Click the button below to visit the official NMRA Gateway 2020 website for information about the convention and train show. This site will be updated as more information is gathered.

Gateway 2020 NMRA National Convention